Jewellery Care

Caring for your jewellery and storing it properly will keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Sterling Silver is a precious metal that is prone to tarnishing. This process can be slowed by:

  • Reducing the exposure of your jewellery to extreme temperature and humidity.
  • Removing your jewellery when swimming and exercising to reduce the exposure to salt water, chlorine and perspiration.
  • Reducing exposure to perfume, soap, hairspray and other chemicals. Remove your jewellery when in contact with other chemicals and put on your jewellery last when dressing.
  • Keeping your silver jewellery protected. Your order will have arrived in a Made By Rachel box, which is perfect for storing your new jewellery. Try and keep your jewellery stored separately from each other to avoid chains becoming tangled.

If your jewellery does become badly tarnished it should be noted that tarnishing is not a permanent effect on silver and can be removed. A build up of dirt and grime on your silver jewellery can be removed with a mild detergent and a soft toothbrush.

I do not recommend using Silver Dip with regards to tarnish. Using this will increase the speed with which your jewellery may tarnish in the future, and possibly damage the metal.

The beads in your new piece of jewellery are handcrafted from a medium known as Polymer Clay. The clay has been moulded, colour mixed with patterns and details created before shaping into the beautiful beads you see. They are then cured and finished with the most care.

Polymer clay is an incredibly strong and durable material, however that doesn’t mean its indestructible by any means!

The best way to keep your beads healthy and happy is to store your jewellery in a dry cool spot.

Avoid showering or swimming while wearing your jewellery, and keep it away from perfumes or harsh chemicals to preserve the vibrant colours! Over time polymer clay that is well worn and loved will get a natural patina and what we like to refer to as a lived in feel.

An extra note regarding care for the metallic beads – I use precious metal leaf for some of my jewellery – so either 24carat gold, pure silver or pure copper leaf. The metallic leaf is applied to the beads before firing and then they are sealed with Wax after firing to seal the metal to the surface of the clay.  Whilst this is a pretty reliable method of keeping the metal leaf on the bead, they do need a bit of extra care to protect them so, in addition to the care instructions above, please do not get the metallic beads wet and do not expose them to cosmetics or chemicals.  Hairspray can permanently damage the metal leaf and some body lotions, particularly sun creams can discolour, dull and damage the gold leaf.


Please do not allow children to play with, wear or chew on your jewellery. They are not for teething purposes at all and will break when chewed on – which is a potential choking hazard. Never leave a child unsupervised around your jewellery, beads are a small and could be a serious choking hazard.