Sharpie Craft Watercolour Coasters Tutorial Title


This fun sharpie craft idea will keep you busy for hours making lots of watercolour effect DIY tile coasters! With the simplest of materials you can create your own colourful tile art coasters to brighten up your home. They’re easy to make and so effective!

You Will NeedSharpie Watercolour Coaster Materials: Ceramic Tiles, Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol
  • Sharpie Markers – if you have other colourful permanent markers these will work fine.
  • White Ceramic Tiles – I used 4”x4” tiles but you could use larger tiles and display them as beautiful pieces of wall art!)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (also known as Isopropyl alcohol) – This needs to be at least 91% for the technique to work.
  • Spray Bottle &/or Medicine Dropper &/or Paintbrush
  • Paper Towels
  • Acrylic Sealer / Fixative
How To Make
  1. Cover your work surface – We’re using permanent markers, so you want to be careful that they don’t get all over furniture and clothes!
  2. Choose your colours. I tend to use 2 or 3 colours although if you want to experiment with a rainbow of colours then follow your creativity!
  3. Colour the tiles. The more colour and the more coverage, the better.Make sure that the colours you are using blend together well, as once the alcohol is added the colours start to merge – you don’t want to end up with a muddy looking mess!!
  4. Add your rubbing alcohol.


    Drop Method – If you are using a dropper, fill it with the rubbing alcohol and then place drops of it on your tile. As the alcohol works its magic, you’ll see the sharpie marker pen start to dissolve. Add more drops where you feel necessary.

    Spray Method – If you have your rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, hold it around 20cm away from your tile and give it a squirt or two.

    Brush Method – To use a brush, simply dip your brush in the rubbing alcohol and, using smooth strokes, brush it across the tile. It is best to just go in one direction to avoid the colours becoming muddy. Alternatively, you can use the brush to dab the alcohol on and blend the colours together.

    Using a dropper gives you more control over your design than using a spray, but it’s down to personal preference which method you use, so just enjoy and have a play with it…

    Sharpie Watercolour Coasters Before & After Rubbing Alcohol Added. Orange & Blue Colours

  5. Allow it to dry (a few minutes) and add more in places you want to change.You can also tilt and move the tiles as they dry to move the colour. until the surface of the tile is completely covered.

    Tip! If you have a lot of liquid left let it gather in one corner and use a piece of kitchen towel to mop it up, being careful not to touch the main part of your design.

  6. For any spots that you are unhappy with, use a paper towel dampened with Alcohol to wash off that spot, colour it in again and add a drop more alcohol to that area.If you don’t like the way your design has turned out then you can easily wipe off your entire creation using a paper towel and alcohol and start afresh!

    Tip! You’ll find that the design changes quite a bit as it dries, in my experience, usually for the better so give it some time before you decide if you like the result or not.

    Sharpie Watercolour Coasters Finished. Lilac, Green, Pink /Yellow, and Lilac/Blue Colours.

  7. Once you are happy with your designs and your tiles are dry (I’d leave them for a couple of hours to settle), spray on a couple of coats of sealant.I use a spray acrylic sealant; however, you can also get a brush on version or even use a mod-podge fixer.

    If you are using a brush on fiative, make sure that you don’t use too much pressure applying your sealant, as you could smudge or possibly remove the design.

    If you want your coasters to be dishwasher safe make sure that you use the dishwasher-proof mod-podge.

  8. Once dry, you can add a cork or felt backing, or protective corners to the underside of your tile to protect your surfaces. 

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple craft idea. There are lots of crafts with Sharpie permanent markers for you to have a go at, that make for easy DIY gifts, home decor ideas and fun projects to make for teens, adults & kids.

    These Sharpie dyed tile coasters are so pretty, and they’re easy to make! Each one turns into a unique piece of artwork, and they make a perfect handmade gift!
    Large group of Sharpie Watercolour Coasters Finished in variety of colours

If you enjoyed this craft project then take a look at my series of quick 5 minute craft ideas. If there is a craft you want to try, please leave it in the comments below.

Take care!