Well, to say it’s been a baptism of fire into the world of business would be an understatement. In the week of launching the website, Made By Rachel also opened up in a local shop in collaboration with another great new start up business, Darn It & Stitch. In that ever talked about five-year plan I had hoped that I would have a studio space to work from and to hold small workshops and parties, as well as a retail space to sell my crafts – for it to happen this quickly though was amazing. In the space of a couple of months, the shop has been opened and is now getting known in the area. It’s an incredible feeling to hear people in the street talking with such animation about my handmade crafts, and to see new customers reactions when they see what new pieces are on the shelves.

A display of Made By Rachel jewellery and crafts

Now that England has got the first real hints of Summer (we had our first barbeque this weekend!!) sitting in the studio in our pretty little riverside shop, looking at the beautiful mesh of colours appearing, smells of fresh grass being mown, and the sounds of families playing in the park are bringing a fresh breath of creativity and inspiration. With a seemingly constant flow of ideas in my mind at the moment, I don’t seem to stop for a moment, and I seriously think I’m still thinking about the business in my sleep! I’ve taken to having a notepad on the bedside table for those moments of genius in the middle of the night!! – only adding to the never ending to-do list (that grows constantly despite me doing all I can to get through those tasks)…

Workshops have started and there are more in the pipelines (Watch This Space!), and people have really enjoyed them, passing the word on to friends and coming back for more which is very exciting!! I’ve got jewellery workshops, from Beadwork to Wirework techniques for beautiful unique creations, Button Art, Mixed Media Canvas’, Wool Wreaths, Dreamcatchers, Scrapbooking and Decoupage to name a few. Lots of work to make them come together, but the outcome of bringing a group of people together and creating pieces to be proud of and treasure is more than worth it.

No complaints here though – there may be days when I just want to sit and do NOTHING, and where I’m fairly sure if my head wasn’t firmly attached id forget it (!!), but I’m doing something that I love, that brings joy and happiness to others, and it’s all coming together and working.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support, whether that be buying products, coming to workshops or liking and sharing on social media, helping to spread the word of Made By Rachel. I appreciate it so much – you are supporting my dream.