Project Image Title 5 Minute Crafts Fabric Flowers on Pastel background

These gorgeous fabric flowers are a quick and easy craft activity for adults and for children. They make a perfect handmade gift, or you can add some floral decoration to your living room that will look beautiful for years! This simple fabric flowers tutorial will guide you through the steps of how to make your very own DIY floral creations.

I, like many of you I’m sure, have lots of beautiful fabric ‘scraps’ in my sewing box, and these gorgeous fabric flowers are a perfect way to use up some of your stash.

This simple tutorial will show you step by step how to make these beauties, with no more than fabric, a needle and thread, and a few buttons. Then you can make these easy fabric flowers into magnets, hair clips, and brooches, or hang them as a garland. You could even attach them to a bicycle spoke or sturdy jewellery wire and make a stunning floral arrangement with your creations!

What You NeedProject Materials - Pile of Liberty Floral Fabrics, Pink Emroidery Cotton and Needle, and Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric – Each flower is made up of 5 or 6 circular pieces of fabric. The smaller your circles are to start with, the smaller your petals will be. My circles are 12cm diameter and the finished flowers, which I plan on using in an arrangement are approx. 11-12cm diameter. For a smaller piece such as a hairclip/brooch, I’d recommend using circles of approx. 8-10cm. You will also need a small circle of fabric to cover the back of your flower.
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Thread – use a thread either the same colour or complimentary colour to your fabric.
  • Buttons – each flower needs one button at the centre. Either use a neutral colour or you could use a bright contrasting colour to make a statement!
  • Glue – you will need a fairly strong craft glue or super glue to attach the button and the backing circle to the centre of the flower.
How To Make
  1. Cut five or 6 circles from your fabric (use the base of a cup, small bowl or a roll of sellotape as a guide). You can use the same fabric for each petal or use a selection of fabric scraps that look good together.
  2. With the patterned side on the outside, fold one circle in half and then in half again (to make a quarter). This quarter will become one petal
  3. Thread your needle double thickness and tie a knot in the end, leaving 2-3 inches of thread below the knot.Project Pictorial Instructions - 6 Fabric circles cut, circle folded in half and then in quarter
  4. Use a running stitch to sew along the curved cut edge of the quarter, and move it along the thread to the knot.
  5. Fold your other circles into quarters, then sew these onto the piece of thread in the same way.Sewing the folded fabric circles around the curved edge to form petals, petals all joined on thread
  6. Once they’re all attached, bunch up the quarters along the thread, until they resemble petals.
  7. Cut your thread, leaving 2-3 inches at the end, and tie the two thread ends together tightly. The petals should now resemble a flower.Finished gathered flower in liberty fabric before adding button
  8. Cut a small circle of fabric to cover the back of your flower where all of the petals are gathered. Glue your fabric circle in place.
  9. Glue or sew a button to the front centre of the flower. If you are using your flower as a hairpiece, magnet, keychain etc, this is the point that you can attach a magnet, hair clip or the accessory of your choice to the back.

Tip!  For a different look to your flowers, you can make round petals using exactly the same materials. Follow the same method, but only fold your fabric circles in half before you then sew along the long-curved edge.

I’m always on the hunt for sweet, pretty, usable, handcrafted projects. Ideas that are perfect for handmade gifts, a crafternoon, or as a party activity. And this project definitely fits the bill!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple fabric craft tutorial. There is a huge range of skills, techniques and crafts to be explored with fabric crafts, and the results can be incredibly rewarding! Keep watching for more ideas and projects that you can try yourself!

Group of 3 Finished flowers in liberty fabric

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Take care!