I love stationery, and have a collection of notebooks and diary’s with lots of important ‘stuff’ in them. Finding that note that you really need, when you really need it, though? That’s where these cute little origami heart bookmarks come in! You’ll be able to find the right place in your diary…and use up all of those pretty paper scraps you’ve been saving!

You will need:
• Template or a square of paper (I’ve used between 8cm x 8cm and 12cm x 12cm))
• Scissors or craft knife and ruler

Step 1
Cut out a square of paper. Fold horizontally in half, then vertically in half. Flip over and fold diagonally in half in both directions. When you open it out flat there should be a cross of creases.

Step 2
Push in the sides of the square so that you are left with a 3d shape; fold this in to create a double layered triangle. Reinforce the creases down the sides of your triangle.

Paper folded into diamond shape

Step 3
From the top layer of your triangle, fold in the 2 bottom corners to make crease lines. Then fold down the top point of the triangle to make another crease line.

Step 4
Open up the pocket of one flap and flatten to make 2 squash folds.

Paper folded into a triangle shape

Step 5
Fold down the top flap and then inverse fold the same flap in half.

Step 6
Squash fold both corners.

Paper folded out and then squashed the corners in

Step 7
Triangle fold both bottom flaps.

Triangle flaps folded upwards and then flattened

Step 8
Flip the bottom flaps upwards and flatten. There you have it – your own heart-shaped corner bookmark!

Finished Origami Heart Corner Bookmarks


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Origami craft idea. If you have, head over to my new series of blog posts, 5 Minute Crafts to find more project inspiration.